One of SUFC’s favourite sons, Tom Carter, has just established his new Strength and Conditioning business called Human Performance. Having won 8 Shute Shield Premierships with SUFC and achieved 85 State Caps for NSW, Tom believes that despite the rapid increase of training methodology and science, the human element remains at the heart of high performance. Through leveraging his sporting experiences, Tom has created an innovative and holistic approach to Strength and Conditioning, ultimately improving your overall Human Performance.

Here is some information from Tom about his 3 product offerings:

Human Performance Elite

At Human Performance Elite, I focus on the human qualities that make the ordinary, extraordinary for Elite Athletes. Through an all-encompassing program of personalised strength, conditioning, nutrition and psychological training we create an environment which enables you to achieve extraordinary performance. Across World Champions, Olympic Athletes and International Sporting Stars, I have truly seen the fruits of uncovering the innate qualities which drive Human Performance.

Human Performance Lifestyle

At Human Performance I translate our highly scientific methodology proven to be successful with world class elite athletes to improve your daily lifestyle and well-being. Within this segment I offer 3 distinct products including One on One training, Group Training and a 10 Day Body Blast package. One on One training allows you to experience the elite sport training methodologies and nutrition in an intimate one on one environment. If you enjoy team environments as much as I do, grab some friends and set up a weekly group training session where we work as a team to achieve our collective health goals. Finally if time is not of the essence, the 10 day body blast package is for you including a 10 day meal plan, 2 personal sessions with Tom and 8 sessions written for you to complete in your own time.

Human Performance Education

At Human Performance Education my mission is to create an innovative and world-class performance culture throughout Schools and Educational institutions. My athletic development program is derived from a multi-dimensional understanding of sport and a holistic assessment of individual personality types and developmental needs. Through lecturing at and providing educational institutions with a holistic approach to sports training and nutrition I have found a dramatic increase in student’s Human Performance.

For more information visit Tom’s website or email Tom [email protected].