Legend and stories passed down from players of the past trace the origins of the Sydney University Football Club (SUFC) back to 1863 when matches were held against crews of visiting naval ships.

SUFC is proud to be the oldest club outside of Britain and the eighth oldest in the world. It ranks after Guy’s Hospital (1843), Dublin University (1854), Edinburgh Academicals (1857), Liverpool (1857), Blackheath (1858), Richmond (1861), and Sale (1861).

“On August 19th, 1865, an enthralling rugby match took place on the University grounds. After an intense struggle lasting an hour and a half, during which no score was achieved by either side, the game was eventually stopped due to a misunderstanding regarding the rules.” Sydney Morning Herald 22 August 1865.

The Modern Era

In 1900, the Sydney District Competition was established, but even prior to that, SUFC had already achieved great success. Before 1900, they had won eighteen 1st Grade competitions and five 2nd Grade competitions, utilising a first-past-the-post system.

Since 1900, SUFC has won an impressive 34 1st Grade Premierships and a total of 123 Premierships across all Men’s Grades and Colts teams. In recent years, the club has consistently performed well, making appearances in and winning several Grand Finals. SUFC has secured the Club Championship 25 times, including a remarkable 16 consecutive wins between 2004 and 2019.

As of 2023 SUFC holds the most Shute Shield premierships having won 33, winning it’s last in 2022, whilst also holding the record of consecutive record run of club championships spanning 16 years.

SUFC Juniors and Wheelchair Rugby

SUFC Juniors, founded in 2005, is a division of the club consisting of Balmain, Petersham, and Canterbury. Their establishment showcases the continued growth and commitment to rugby at all levels.

Furthermore, SUFC has formed a partnership with Wheelchair Sports NSW / ACT, resulting in the creation of a wheelchair rugby team under the SUFC banner. This initiative has established SUFC as the most diverse and inclusive rugby club in Australia, providing an opportunity for individuals with disabilities to actively participate in the sport.

Women’s Rugby

In 1994, the women’s team was established, marking an important milestone in the club’s history.

The women’s team competes in both the 7s and XVs formats of the game. The Women’s XV team showcases their skills in the Sydney Women’s Rugby Union Competition for the Jack Scott Cup while also participating in various 7s and 10s tournaments throughout spring and summer.

SUFC is not only dedicated to excellence on the field but also to the growth, inclusion, and development of rugby across the community. Through its rich history and commitment to diversity, the club continues to be a driving force in Australian rugby.