Player Medical Info


The Club makes a significant investment in medical services each year and is proud of its record for providing excellent medical and physiotherapy services to its players. The health of all players playing for the Club is a priority.

Note – The Club will not cover injuries unrelated to rugby.

  1. It is the player’s responsibility that any injuries are reported to their coach or manager immediately.
  2. The player must have had their injury assessed by Monday morning so the coaches will have injury updates for team selection by Tuesday morning.
  3. The physiotherapist and doctor will communicate with the coaches regarding players’ injuries and fitness for matches and training.
  4. It is the player’s responsibility to always speak directly with the coach/manager regarding any injury as well.
  5. If a player has not had their injury assessed it is assumed that they will be able to train as usual on Tuesday night.
  6. It is expected that if a player seeks treatment outside the Sports Clinic that they consult the medical staff first so that they may acquire updates from the treating professional.

The Physio and Doctor will be available before training in the medical room at SUFG. Strapping will take place in the changing rooms.

A Match Day doctor will be present at all games to assess and treat any acute injuries.

A physiotherapist will be present at all games and will be available for strapping at the venue an hour before kick-off for each team.

Any player concerned about his ability to play on match days should contact medical staff and their coach prior to match day so that a substitute may be organised. Players who are unwell on match day should contact their coach and medical staff as early as possible on the day.

If instructed to leave the field due to injury by medical staff it is expected that the player should comply.

Following each game all injuries – no matter how minor – must be reported to the Doctor or Physiotherapist before leaving the ground.

Players who are injured on the weekend will be instructed by their Physiotherapist to attend The Sports Clinic.

Players who are on the SUFC Priority List must ring the Sports Clinic and book their appointment by 12pm Monday. After 12pm the remaining times allocated to the Club will be made available to all other players.

If you are not on the Priority List then you will be charged the normal concession rate and are responsible for the gap payment incurred. If you would like to see a physiotherapist closer to home then you may do so however must still communicate injury details and progress to the club physiotherapist. This is your responsibility.

  • Monday morning (7.00am) will be triage for injuries sustained on the weekend for any player who thinks they may not be able to train on Monday afternoon.
  • Screenings are compulsory for nominated players and will be performed prior to Monday, Tuesday and Thursday training in the gym with the Performance and Physiotherapy staff
  • Rehab classes are compulsory for nominated players and will take place before training.
  • Specific sessions for injured players and those that requiring specific movement preparation (particularly mobility and stability) are available every Monday and Wednesday from 5-7pm and Saturday mornings.
  • Monday afternoon will be for treatment for injuries sustained on the previous Saturday only, unless advised by the Grade or Colts Physiotherapist.

The following times have been allocated to the Club:

  • Monday 7.00-7.30am – Acute assessment (all)
  • Monday 3.00-6.00pm – Treatment
  • Tuesday 3.30-5.30pm – Treatment
  • Tuesday 5.30-6.30pm – Strapping
  • Thursday 3.30-5.30pm – Treatment
  • Thursday 5.30-6.30pm – Strapping

Missed appointments will result in a $25 fee being charged and will be reported to the Club. If this recurs then the full physiotherapy consultation fee will be charged and further action will be taken by the Club

Training for injured players will take place on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 6:30pm. Saturday Mornings 7am. Players are to arrive at half an hour before for a self-warm-up.

For all Medical enquiries please contact Head Physiotherapist George Guyatt

The Sports Clinic

It is mandatory that players at Sydney University Football Club have private health + extras cover.
All players must have private medical insurance and will be charged at a concession rate at The Sports Clinic.

Players without private health insurance will be charged for the consultation (at the student concession rates, if they are full time students).

All players MUST fill in an ARU registration form PRIOR to playing in any matches. Any unregistered players will not be permitted to participate in games until the form is completed.

Please discuss with your team manager whether you need to fill out insurance forms with respect to specific injuries.

The Club will not cover any injuries unrelated to Rugby.

For all serious injuries, players are to complete the ARU Insurance form and have the club administrator sign the document.

It is the players responsibility to have the insurance form completed and lodge the claim within 30 days of the injury!

This insurance plan provides payment of 100% of Non-Medicare Medical Expenses after any reimbursement from your Private Health fund. A $100 excess applies to each and every claim and the maximum benefit payable is $3,000.

  • For all insurance information including:
    • Risk and Insurance
    • Levies and Insurance programme coverage
    • FAQ’s
    • Submitting a claim
  • please refer to the following link at Rugby Australia –
  • SUFC Administration staff will provide you with your registration number and certify the document as a club official.
  • It is the player’s responsibility to obtain all required information (including a doctor’s and physiotherapist’s report) and send the claim form to the nominated address.
  1. Pay medical fees upfront
  2. Claim all Medicare Medical Expenses from Medicare
  3. Claim all Non-Medicare Medical Expenses from your private health fund
  4. Submit a claim to the AR sports insurance plan (as per above)
    1. Complete the Claim Form
    2. Lodge the claim form within 30 days of the injury
    3. Lodge additional documentation as required
  5. If you are still out of pocket following ALL of the above steps, you can make a claim to SUFC’s injured players fund in October each year, where you must provide copies of all receipts/rebates

Please note: Additional documentation may/may not be required in addition to the claim form (Step 4). Therefore, it is important to submit your claim form as soon as you have completed the details, within 30 days of injury, even before you have all accounts/receipts. This will ensure limited delays to the claims process.