SUFC would like to thank our Sponsors for sticking by us during these unprecedented times, we are forever grateful for their support. The COVID-19 outbreak is affecting us all and some of our sponsors in particular are facing uncertain times ahead.

Over the past 157 years, SUFC wouldn’t have been able to operate or enjoy our rich successes without their generosity, we now want to reciprocate that support in their time of need.

You can see the complete list of our sponsors here as well as some specific offers below that are available during this pandemic, we ask that you please consider supporting them with your patronage where you can.


Can’t get your hands on something at the Supermarket? Call 9518 6222 and Elegancy Catering will get it for you. Delivery between 3pm-7pm (someone needs to be home to receive). More information available on our website >


Ralph’s cafe will be offering a range of ready to eat meals delivered to your door.

•Spinach & Ricotta Pasta Bake
•Beef Ragu Pasta Bake
•Veggie Bake (vegan available)
+All trays feed 8-10ppl
+All trays $65
•Cooked and ready to eat Napoletana pasta sauce
-$13/Litre -$8/half litre

FREE delivery for any spend over $50 + FREE Daniel’s sauce for anyone in a 20km radius from Sydney Uni

Please contact us at [email protected] to arrange. Should you require any of our other in house meals, please don’t hesitate to ask, we will try our best to accommodate!

The Cafe’s at Boardwalk and Arena Sports Centre are both still operation for takeaway coffee, cafes and hot food. 


Telehealth available for Sports and Exercise Medicine Physicians, Sports and Exercise Physiotherapy, Exercise Physiology and Dietetics.

In light of the rapid spread of COVID-19, and to minimise the number of people required to leave their house for non essential activity, The Sports Clinic is now offering Teleconferencing consultations with all of our doctors and most other practitioners who work in the Clinic. There are some people who have no option but to see one of our practitioners in person. By the doctors teleconferencing with as many of our patients as possible we are freeing up the clinic to be safer for others to attend as well as minimising risks to your health, assuming we are allowed to stay open in light of the upcoming shutdown. 

These telehealth consultations will be booked with the relevant doctor the same as a regular consult. They will just be via phone or video link up rather than face to face. All necessary information can be found on our website >

As mentioned, there may be reason the you need to see one of our doctors face to face. The doctors will hopefully be doing occasional consultations in the clinic for those where it is needed, including difficult diagnostic problems and for treatments like shockwave. It is requested that the first consultation be via teleconference to determine the necessity for this and to ensure you have all possible things you need prior to that consultation. 

Please call 02-93518118 or mail [email protected]

Our staff can answer your questions, provide practical advice and help with a personalised exercise program. We are committed to helping you recover and regain your health and our dedicated staff is always available to assist.
To schedule your booking please contact us as below 

  1. Call our reception on (02) 9351 8118
  2. Send an email to [email protected] with your contact details and we will be in touch with you.



SKINX Antibacterial Sports Gel goes beyond just antibacterial performance. It provides optimal skin hydration & moisturising to ensure your skin isn’t left dry or distressed. SKINX is made in Australia, born out of professional sport, so you can rest assure you are getting a premium antibacterial product that will look after your skin day in and day out!


We know you need our products to carry on your work and responsibilities. We remain open for business to serve your needs.

With workwear, scrubs, PPE and hospitality gear, give us a call and we’ll help where we can!

Stay Safe,

Shawl Group, your local uniform provider.

1300 55 13 40
[email protected]