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University of Sydney, Meiji University Rugby Division against February

“The university rugby university championship second place Rugby university championship unveiled on August 22 that it will invite a strong international university to Japan in February and March to make an exchange game.

The opponent is Sydney University of Australia and the prestigious Yale of the United States. Promote strengthening by raising experience value in international game.

Sydney University is one of the best traditional schools in 1863 and Yale University is founded in 1975. Exchanges with overseas universities were centered on Oxford University and Cambridge University in the UK which had fought against the Japanese delegates so far.

Early in 2000, Kanto Gakuin Univ., Waseda Univ. Had regular battle with both universities, but from around 10 years the battle with the domestic team increased. Opportunities for foreign exchange rapidly declined.

Makihiro Niwa coach manager Mihoko (49) is ambitious about the groundbreaking effort to fill in “blank” for more than 30 years, “since our expiration in New Zealand in the late 1980s”.

In the final of the university championship last season, Meijyo who was defeated to 20 – 21 to Teikyo University. I will make Japan’s first recapture that I missed with a single point a reality with the fight against overseas forces as a foothold. “(Source: SANSPO.COM )

“About implementing international exchange matches Meiji University Rugby Division carries out international exchange matches aimed at raising opportunities for students’ experience in international exchange and raising the level of rugby skills.

I will welcome the University of Sydney in Australia and Yale University in the USA and will play games at the schedule below.

Thank you so much that I would like to have many people come and watch. ■ University of Sydney RC  Sidney University RC VS Meiji University February 11 (Sun) Meiji University Hachimantai Grand 13 o’clock kickoff