SUFC’s Grace Hamilton, Bronte Stutchbury and Madda Wilson are heading to Zambia on Friday to spend a week at Livingstone Rhinos Rugby Club, where they will be running rugby clinics with the TAG Rugby foundation, helping out in the local community.

4 years ago a charity here in Australia, Livingstone Rugby Club Zambia Trust (LRCZT), was set up and now runs a community based rugby club by the name of the Livingstone Rhinos out of  Bharats Sports Fields in Livingstone to engage with the local community not just around rugby but also through education in partnership with Happy Africa Foundation (HAF).

During the tour the girls will provide coaching and organised competitions for grade 5 and 6 school children whilst also assisting local “Young Leaders” develop the necessary coaching skills to continue the programs year round.

Rugby however is really just the vehicle to provide much wider support for schools and local communities in and around Livingstone. And now the newly formed (1st ever) rugby club in Livingstone – The Livingstone Rhinos – hosts a number of adult education classes and a medical clinic. Four years on and the program’s success continues to grow with more than 200 children now regularly turning up to the clubhouse every Saturday morning to play Rugby.

The team are looking to raise funds to support the on ground projects and equipment to support the Livingstone Rugby and overall operation of the community rugby club, which when not hosting hundreds of kids in a safe playing environment also provides adult literacy classes, HIV clinics, Girls impact program supporting young women in difficult home situations along with the day to day maintenance of the ground & clubhouse, a vital water well and pump for the community, wages of a grounds keeper and a community officer and providing free meals to all the kids laying in organised community club tag rugby programs. 

Please support this great cause by making an online donation to LRCZT via this link

We know there are lots of very worthy causes to support but just a few dollars here will make a massive difference.

Thanks in advance for your generous support!