SUFC Players Ball

By Benn Melrose

The SUFC Players Ball was held at the Establishment Ballroom on Saturday 16 May and was another resounding success, with 150 guests in attendance. The Players Ball was established in 2014 by the Social Committee as a player ran, annual event, where a man of the club brings a guest to enjoy in a night of celebration. It is a night where the players of the current year take time to pause on the turbulence of the current season, reflect on the past, enjoy the present and look forward to their future at SUFC. My thanks must go first and foremost to Hannah Catchpole and Sarah Dill-Macky for the support that they have given the Social Committee in driving this event. The success of the night speaks volumes of the effort all parties have put in to fostering this very important tradition. 

3rd Grade Wine and Cheese Afternoon

Our home game against Warringah last weekend also played host to an annual event for our 3rd Grade side – the Wine and Cheese Afternoon. Organised by 3rd Grade Coach, Ray Hudd, and 3rd Grade Manager, Ross Ryan, the 3rd Grade boys watched the 1st Grade game with beautiful cheese, meats and biscuit platters accompanied by an array of wines from around the world!

Also themed as a ‘Double Denim’ party, Dane McCarthy, Andrew Hunter, Hugh Frazer and Johnny Loseli were awarded with best dressed!