Sydney Rugby Union (SRU) Board’s role is to ensure the integrity and quality of the Sydney Premier Rugby competition. This also includes the responsibility for growing our game within the constraints and resources of the SRU. SRU works closely with New South Wales Rugby Union (NSWRU) and all NSW Rugby affiliates to achieve those goals and ensure Rugby is accessible for all participants.
SRU have been undertaking a process with all stakeholders to formalise a Participation Agreement for Premiership Rugby for 2022. This process has further highlighted the need to ensure Rugby remains as strong as it can be across greater Sydney. All stakeholders have been consulted, extensive feedback received and detailed discussions undertaken to ensure due process has been followed.
Following the exhaustive process SRU will be issuing a Participation Agreement to 12 clubs for the 2022 and beyond, season with the below key outcomes:

  • Clubs must have a Women’s rugby XV’s team from 2023 onwards. SRU will work with Sydney Women’s Rugby during 2022 to create opportunities for all female players to experience XV’s rugby.
  • Western Sydney Two Blues have been provided dispensation. This will allow time for them to further build, improve their performance and meet all criteria of the Participation Agreement.
  • Hunter Wildfires have been provided dispensation. The Wildfires form an integral part of ensuring Rugby outside of Sydney continues to grow and provide pathways for aspirational players across the region.
  • Penrith Emus will not be awarded a participation agreement.

The SRU would like to take this opportunity to thank the Penrith Emus, their board, management, coaches, volunteers, and players for their efforts in being part of Sydney Premier Rugby since they joined in 1995. We appreciate the strength of the local Penrith Junior program in the region and will work with NSWRU to find ways to provide pathways for local juniors to stay engaged with Rugby within the wider GWS district and the Western Sydney Two Blues. 
SRU would like to further thank NSWRU and Charter Hall for working with us on providing support for the Premiership Competition. It is with these combined resources and dedication from all our volunteers, clubs, participants, sponsors and the community that will ensure Premier Rugby remains the jewel in the crown for community rugby in NSW.
A full statement is provided on Shute Shields website –