Unleash compression is proud to be supporting SUFC for a third year. To celebrate, we are offering all players and members of the club 40% off all our compression gear. Enter the code “SUFC” when ordering online.

To order any garments from the new CS range please contact [email protected] directly.

We are offering players and members the opportunity to get the Ice/Heat Recovery legging custom fitted. We will make the garment to your specific measurements to ensure you get optimal recovery. The 40% discount applies to the custom fittings.

Compression + Support (CS) Series:

  • Ice & Heat recovery leg sock – This is a full compression sock that runs from the toes all the way to the groin ensuring you get optimal compression throughout the entire limb. The garment comes with specifically fitted pockets that hold our unique Ice & Heat packs. The nine pockets are positioned to ensure that the calf, knee and quad/hamstring can be iced or heated while athletes are on the move. This is the only product of its kind and we are offering it first to SUFC players and club members. We are also offering to custom make them to your specific measurements.
  • CS500 – Calf sock. The sock has been designed for explosive sports that put a huge amount of load into the lower limb. There is specific support for the gastrocnemius, the soleus and shins.
  • CS505 – Lifting sleeve. The full arm lifting sleeve has been designed to help athletes when they are in the gym lifting weight. The sleeve has been designed around weight lifting and guarantees added support for the forearms, elbow, tricep and bicep