Sydney University vs Eastwood
By Bruce’China’ Lin

University succumbed to Eastwood 29-15 last Saturday at T.G Millner Field as gifting them early points proved fateful on a cold grey afternoon.

The game was only four minutes old when a charge down kick inside the five metre area gave Eastwood a 7-0 lead. Before University could compose themselves the fast running Eastwood backs exploited an overlap and scored again for a 12-0 lead. Once the Students acquired some possession and field position their first try arrived.

University were punching through Eastwood’s 5 metre area. Eastwood were hanging on desperately but a forward surge towards the clubhouse side resulted in burrowing try through a pile of defenders. The scores were now 12-5 but Eastwood continued to punish the Students with another try to increase their lead to 19-5.

On the stroke of half time Eastwood effectively extended their lead with a half way penalty kick for a score of 22-5.

The past few weeks the University coaching staff have performed miracles, which would even baffle illusionist Uri Geller! But this week the second half did not witness University’s all too familiar fight-back. Eastwood defended stoutly and University were finding difficulty in piercing their armour. Some loose passes and turnovers compounded University’s frustration.

A glimmer of hope did arrive when outside centre Chris Ingate made a half break and linked with returning Australian sevens player Tom Kingston on the wing. With his customary jink, step and acceleration the fast finishing winger touched down in the corner to alter the score-line to 22-10.

About 15 minutes remained in the game for University to come back with Eastwood not about to leak points for the Students. When a loose ruck was formed just inside the University half Eastwood washed University’s mouths out with soap. Like all conniving scheming halfbacks, the Eastwood half with an apt name after a Warner Brothers cartoon character blessed with speed exploited an unmarked channel off a ruck. Gonzalez raced downfield to score a try untouched beneath the uprights for a converted try.

The match had barely two minutes left but University continued to attack for their pride. Some heavy tackles were administered as experienced by University centre Tom Carter. The ball was shifted to the open and University scored again. The conversion was unsuccessful and the match ended after a turnover for the final score of 29-15.

A disappointing result after the elation of last week. Throughout folklore there are curses affecting those that cross ones path. The Hope Diamond, the Bermuda triangle to name two. Now we have rugby’s ‘The curse of the Millner Field ’. A difficult arena over the years to beat the home team.

Next Saturday at University the Students take on the big Parramatta Two Blues.