1st Grade will be playing in the Club’s indigenous jersey today, which was designed in 2018 by SUFC player Liam Coe.

The SUFC indigenous Jersey shares the dreaming of Wiradjuri people. Biame, our creator, sent the Rainbow Serpent here to carve the land and rivers, responding only to him. The Serpent carved its way through Wiradjuri country leaving rivers in it wake to nourish and support life; water for people to drink, water to bring the animals to hunt, water to feed the plants that shade and provide for us.
As the serpent traveled the rivers he created, it marked the borders of Wiradjuri country, the Murray, the Murrumbidgee, the Lachlan and the Macquarie. Along the way, the Serpent stopped to rest, his prolonged time imbued additional energy into the land and water. Wiradjuri people realised the significance of these sacred sites and waterways, holding ceremony’s for men, women and children. These ceremonies must continue to maintain the balance of energy within country, all energy that is received must also be returned to the earth. These sites for ceremony are recognised as bora rings on the jersey, each also symbolising the three components of our club: Grade, Women’s and Colts.
The serpent finished its task and remained within the rivers as the Bunyip to ensure their longevity. It is the task of Wiradjuri people to always protect Biame’s gifts, his land and his water. To always be respectful of our great rivers as the serpent still resides here in many forms. Additionally, the markings on the Jersey’s shoulders reflect the styles and symbols of Wiradjuri tree carving. A process to mark ones culture in their surroundings, provide guidance and to lead others. We must all strive to continue these practises within the Club.

After the match jerseys 1-23 will be available to purchase via our website, money raised from the jerseys will be used to support current and future indigenous players at SUFC. Long term we hope to be able to fund a scholarship at USYD for an indigenous athlete.