Richard Tombs [Tombsy] suffered a severe neck injury in August, 2018. We have established the ‘Guns Out Spinal Foundation’ and are holding a Gala Benefit Dinner on June 21st at The Star in Sydney. 

Phil Kearns will MC the night, other guest speakers to be confirmed. 

The cost of the table is $2800 [$280 per head]. The Tombs family are keen that partners are invited as well, it’s not a typical rugby dinner.

The night will include silent and live auctions as well as entertainment and of course food and drinks!

 While you may be aware of the extent of his injuries, I have taken the chance to outline some of the facts below of his current status:

  • Richard’s injury is classified as a “C4 incomplete spinal”. This means that all of Richard’s limbs are affected. Due to the type of injury, longer term diagnosis is unclear. Whilst there has been significant progress since Richard’s initial prognosis and he remains optimistic, there is a long road ahead and his recovery is uncertain.
  • He has also been diagnosed with spasticity meaning all his muscles are permanently turned on. Whilst his hand function is very limited, there is some restricted movement in his wrists and minimal movement and feeling in his legs. He is still suffering from neurological nerve pain and spasms.
  • In short – the impact is significant and life-changing. In practical terms, this means he is unable to use a phone, computer or to feed himself without help. Richard requires significant nursing support daily to manage his personal care, as well as assistance to get him in and out of bed and his electric wheelchair.

Richard was the sole provider for his family, working as a self-employed medical sales consultant. At this stage, it is impossible to say when and if Richard will be able to return to the work-force and if so, in what capacity. As you can imagine, this has devastated the family emotionally and it is life-changing for all his family and friends. Whilst government financial insurance and support is covering Richard’s nursing requirements and some minimal basic home requirements, ramp and wheelchair, Tombsy still requires significant assistance. 

 The foundation has been established to help raise funds towards:

  • A specialist new vehicle to accommodate Richard’s wheelchair
  • Specialist intensive physiotherapy programs required to help achieve his goals, which may involve a combination of further residential programmes here, or overseas
  • Specialist equipment and home modifications and renovations required to ensure Richard and his family can live their lives to as full and “normal” extent possible
  • The government will provide one chair to Richard – any secondary chairs will have to be funded by the family

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