In Gabi’s second player profile, we hear from one of our new young up and coming Colts, James Kane. James plays on the wing in Colts and (as mentioned in Fizza’s Stats!) became the current Top Try Scorer in Colts on 11 tries after scoring 27 points in last weekend’s match against Wests (3 tries and 6 goals). A talented player with some unique off-field passions – enjoy the read!

James Kane

Between acting, being his first year at St. Andrew’s college, and playing competitive rugby, free moments are few and far between for fresher James Kane. Although rugby may not have been the first sport he got into (he started with soccer when he was 7 and caught on to rugby two years later), he tells me he’s really enjoying this season so far and looking forward to progressing as a player.

James may be a native Australian, but he has already done his fair share of travelling. At five years of age, his family took a holiday to Ascot, England, but ended up staying for ten years after driving around Europe in a van to places like Spain, Portugal, Croatia, Belgium, and Greece.

Other than travelling, James tells me he has always had a very keen interest in acting. He participated in drama classes from year 8 to year 12, has taken part in several productions, one of his favorite being Hairspray, and even auditioned for a movie over in LA at the beginning of this semester: “It was pretty terrifying…the first thing they did was told us what a scene was about and we had 10 minutes to create our own scene and dialogue.”

Despite all the acting, James is still a very dedicated student and is pursuing a major in Psychology. In the midst of James conveying his interest in getting into law in the future, a man at a table across from us leans over and warns him “don’t do it you’ll bloody regret it.”

James laughed it off and continued to tell me about his first semester at Uni. He tells me the most exciting thing in his life right now is finally being in college. “It’s my first semester of my first year. It’s so exciting to just be here. I’m over living in St. Andrews College, which is the greatest thing that’s ever happened. Words can’t describe it. It’s so good.”

James’ overall positive attitude seems to be a defining characteristic in all aspects of his life. When looking ahead to the rest of this semester and year he tells me his goals are to win the grand final in rugby, and to become more consistent in games and practices.

Hoping to make him pause for the first time this entire interview to think through an answer, I ask James who his role model is, or who encourages him to be so involved and eager to try new things. He pauses for just a moment and then looks up and responds with a smile: “I like to do my own thing” – everyone’s idols are just their moms and dads… I like to take the best from everywhere.”