Tradition is not the Worship of Ashes, but the Preservation of the Fire.

Did you know…….

We have a winger in 1st Grade Colts who has scored 8 tries in the his last three games, his name is Miles Minto. The big game was against Norths were he scored 5 tries, and not just finished off with an overlap. He beats opposition with speed, serves, side steps, chip and chase, and stand still then away, past numerous opponets. Should be noted the game against Norths, Miles was sin binned , so who knows if he could of got 6. The record tries scored in a game for Colts 1st XV is 7, which Mitch Inman score verses Parramatta on the 11.8.2007. Can’t wait for the next Colts game verses Warringah at home this week.

Talking about Colts a trivia stat fo you all, the three teams scored 17 points by full time.

We have another Waratah and another Prop, Brad Amituanai ran on last Saturday night with 9 mins remaining. Well done Brad .

You may be wondering what is happening with our teams the past three weeks.

Well verses Gordon we had 56 injuries or unavailable, with ten of those 1st grade players who played the last two weeks but were out last Saturday. Twenty one players played a grade higher this week compared the previous match.

Jack Matthews is our highest point scorer in 1st grade with 34 points, Josh Calvert an Sam Allsopp are leading 1st grade tries, each has three while Josh also has one extra in 2nds.

Go Uni……..