Way back on the 4th June 1892, SUFC beat Parramatta by 39-8 at the Association Sports Ground. On Saturday some 127 years 1 month and 2 days later almost the same score (38-7) against the new ‘Parramatta’ the Western Sydney ‘Two Blues’ at the SUFG.

SUFC had another weekend of 7 bonus point wins. We scored 378 points in only 6 games, (4th Grade received a win on forfeit). Grade scored 212 points and Colts 166. Average score for all teams was 63-9. Grade averaged a score of 71-10 from their 3 matches while Colts averaged 55-7. 

SUFC scored 59 tries to 14 across all teams of which 46 were scored by our backs.

James Kane (what can an old stat man say), I brought an extra pen on the weekend and think I predicted what might happen on Saturday this time last week. You see James reached his 1,000th career point in 1st Grade with 3 tries and 4 goals to end the game on 23 points and exactly 1,000 points.

Hugh Summerhayes will bring up his 50th club game next Saturday at Woollahra Oval.

One of our Japanese players this year, ran on for his 1st Grade debut against the ‘Two Blues’ well done to Yutaro Fujiyama, could be a first at Uni.

Looking at the 2nd Grade team last Saturday, lots of people were saying what a strong team it was, and they were right. But wait, it gets better, we still have a handful of players to return soon – Alex Batho, Will Cocker, Jake Gordon, Nick Phipps, Declan Moore, Tom Horton, Matt Philip, Lachie Swinton and Chris Talakai.

Now the following stats are on our 3rd Grade team, who won 111-7, 17 tries to 1. Not a record though, as our 2013 3rd Grade team won 153-0 and scored 23 tries that day. 

 Our backline on Saturday all scored tries and came with 13 between them. New player, Ofa Manuofeta scoring a Hat Trick. Daniel Poletto reached his 50 points for the season and scored two very late tries to be the last player in the backline to score. Lincoln Whiteley scored his 30th career try to bring up his 150 career points. 

Josh Hardie reached his 350 career points with a try and 5 goals and is now on 352. 

Always leave the best for last, Will Wennerbom reached his 200th point for the club with a further two tries and 7 goals for 24 points in a game. Will now has 16 tries in just 12 appearances this season. Will found out after game that he will have to wait till next week to get his 600 career points, as he finished Saturday’s game on 596.

In Colts, Max Robson scored three tries in 1st Colts and now is the new leading try scoring on 14, just ahead of Eddie Poolman on 12. Max is also the leading points scorer in Colts with 132 points.

Jack Murray reached his 50th point for the season and now has ten tries for the year.

While Max Sinclair should be the next colt to reach his century, now on 93 with his try and 8 goals on the weekend.