Congratulations to the 15 SUFC members who received University Blue and Gold awards at Friday’s SUSF Annual Blues Dinner. The Blue is the highest sporting honour at the University of Sydney. It is earned by sportsmen and women who are studying at the University of Sydney, competing in the highest level of their sporting competition and have attained outstanding achievement. Golds are awarded to individuals who have provided outstanding service in the field of sports administration within Sydney Uni Sport & Fitness (SUSF) or one of its clubs.

2018 SUFC Blues 2018 SUFC Golds
Nick Champion de Crespigny Luke Campton
Tim Clements James Dorney
Henry Clunies-Ross Evan Hoskins
Stu Dunbar Ray Hudd
Harry Johnson-Holmes
James Kane
Guy Porter
Jack Sherratt
Theo Strang
Chris Talakai
Brad Wilkin