SUFC are delighted to throw our support behind this weekend’s Spinal Injury Support Round, to help raise funds to aid the recoveries of injured players Andrew Regan and Nathan Stapleton.

Regan, from Orange Emus, and Stapleton, from the Boorowa Goldies, suffered severe spinal injuries while playing in Central West Rugby Union’s (CWRU) competitions earlier this year. Both have been left quadriplegics as a result and face long, difficult roads to recovery.

To help bolster the already phenomenal support that has flooded in since, Orange Emus and the Boorowa Goldies have combined to invite all community clubs across the state to join forces on Saturday, June 18.

Donation buckets will be available at the SUFG (No.2 Oval) for our fixtures against Manly & Warringah Ratettes with all funds raised to be split evenly and donated to support Regan and Stapleton.

“As a club, we were quick to commit our support to the Spinal Injury Support Round this weekend. It’s a great initiative and we’re proud to do anything we can to help,” Executive General Manager, Jack Farrer.

“We will have donation buckets at the gate, bar and canteen this weekend and we would ask that everyone please donate anything they can, every little bit will help.”

Orange Emus’ fundraising lead Al Hattersley thanked all the clubs that will be assisting in this weekend’s Spinal Injury Support Round.

“The support that has come from far and wide has been incredible so far and, together with Boorowa, we wanted to find a find to bring our entirely community together to continue that effort – these kinds of injuries affect our entire sport,” Hattersley said.

“Clubs around the state responded quickly and we can’t thank them enough for that. Given how difficult the last two years have been for sporting clubs everywhere, we don’t take this kind of support for granted.

“There has been a phenomenal amount of money raised so far – combined, more than half a million dollars – but we are acutely aware that medical, rehabilitation, accommodation and other associated costs will continue mounting for both families.

“So we want to continue providing as much support as we possibly can, to help make their long-term journeys a little bit easier.”

Boorowa Rugby Club President Jason Stuart echoed Hattersley’s sentiments.

“I don’t think there are any words that could properly express how thankful everyone is for the support that has been shown so far,” Stuart said.

“Both Nathan and Andrew have young families who are also deeply impacted by these injuries, their lives have been turned upside down and seeing how quickly our community has railed around them has been heart-warming.

“Any kind of support people could provide this weekend, and in general, will not go unnoticed. We know not everyone can afford to donate, but even something as simple as sharing a social media post also makes a huge difference.”

Funds raised at Orange Emus’ game against Dubbo Kangaroos will be donated directly to Andrew Regan’s fundraiser, while funds raised at Boorowa’s game against Cootamundra will be donated directly to Nathan Stapleton’s. All other funds raised will be split evenly.

Donations are also still being accepted through each players’ respective GoFundMe campaign:

Andrew Regan:

Nathan Stapleton: