Sydney University Football Club are entering an exciting partnership with Rugby Exchange (for more info click here), who are specialists in providing an overseas rugby experiences for their predominantly South American cliental.   

In the summer of 2016/17, SUFC will become the home away from home for young South Americans aged between 16 – 25 years old. The aim is to provide exchange players with a unique experience beyond the rugby field, learning about the Australian rugby culture. This brings a great opportunity for the host families to experience a bit of the Latin American culture and opens the door to future exchanges and visits to Argentina and South America.

We are seeking interest for families willing to host a player for four weeks in the summer, either pre Christmas or from early January 2017. The participants are mostly able to communicate in English and are supported, supervised and mentored by Rugby Exchange staff. The boys will be spending a large chunk of their time training at SUFC from Monday to Thursday  and Saturday morning, while also undertaking tourist activities throughout their stay as part of their overall experience.

In return, host families will be paid $300 AUD per week. Apart from providing a welcoming home for their stay, a daily breakfast and dinner would also be required.

If you are interested in becoming a host next summer, please contact Robert Taylor for more details ([email protected]