Yutaro Fujiyama (University of Tokai / Chuo Electric Power until last season), who is struggling at the University of Sydney club (Sydney Uni), has participated in “Shute Shield”, the highest club club in NSW, Australia.

Fujiyama, who had been a starter for the Colin Caird Shield by the two armies from the 13th round against Waringa on June 29, entered the reserve for one arm from that day. 
One military battle of the day, “Shoot Shield” is the same card as last year’s final. In the game played at Sidney Uni’s home in the third section, the side won a 50-0 victory, but this time in the away game, Walinga held a close game with 22-21, who responded to the cheers of a hot local supporter, The match record of this season was 1 win and 1 defeat. 
Sydney Uni could not beat even if Wallabies’s SH Jake Gordon and others were thriving. Even Fujiyama, who was on the bench, had no opportunity to participate.

Then, Round 14 (July 6), we met Western Sydney. Fujiyama is also the leader of two military battles this day. This season, he played in the levels, playing with Stuart Dumbar who played on the Super Rugby stage and won 63-22. 
Then, on the same day, I sat in the reserve seat of the “Shoot-Shield”.

 Sydney Uni took the lead in the first battle from the beginning. 
 Then, after leading to 33-7, good luck comes to the end of the game. Sydney Uni introduced Fujiyama. 
 The match was announced in the hall with the debut of the Fujiyama 1 army.

Standing on the pitch, Fujiyama moved positively. React quickly to the short punt by the opponent BK. I chased the ball, hit the ball just in time to receive the tackle, and made a tap pass to the ally BK. 
Sidney Uni has expanded widely from there. Carry the ball to the opponent’s goal line at once. The venue was also heated for a series of play that became a counter-try, and cheers came to Fujiyama who directed it. 
The match ends in 38-7. Although it was limited time, Fujiyama also showed high performance. I took another step.

By the way, this “Shoot-Shield”, in recent years, Kotaro Matsushima (Japan representative / Suntory) participated in Eastern Suburbs in 2015, and Makoto Tosa (Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Sagamihara Dyna Bore’s) in East Wood in 2017. 
Also, at Sydney Uni, Shiro Akira (Canon Eagles), who is a senior at Fujiyama High School (Oita Maizuru), has been a Japanese player since he participated in 2013.

The HO of Toru Ratu (Wallaters) and Folau Feingara (Branby’s), who were recently named the Australian National Soccer squad of the Rugby Championships announced today, are both Sydney Uni players. It will be difficult for them to return to the club as it is the World Cup Year this year. 
The opportunity continues for Fujiyama. Also, club expectations will grow. I am looking forward to the future.