It’s a saying as old as the hills, that a week’s a long time in sport.

As I sit on the 737 on our way to Canberra to face the ACT Brumbies, it gives you a chance to reflect on what’s already been a hard week of training – and if I’m being honest, it needed to be.

With five away matches in seven weeks, the first part of this season was always going to provide a challenge for us. We need to ensure that we meet that challenge and build through the season.

Our performance last week against the Hurricanes was sub-par. It’s a hollow feeling to know you’ve let someone down.

For a team that prides itself on playing for one another – to not do that is very disappointing.

To miss an opportunity to represent our team and club in a positive fashion is very disappointing.

And importantly, to let down our supporters – our loyal and passionate “Sea of Blue” – that have stuck with us through thick and thin, is extremely disappointing.

The pain of that realisation strikes as soon as the final whistle sounds. It’s a lonely sensation felt by every member of the squad.

But the hear-a-pin-drop silence and staring at the floor in the dressing sheds soon becomes an analysis of what just took place and focus how to fix it.

Disappointment quickly shifts to determination.

The week then becomes about identifying the issues and a commitment to addressing them.

Match footage is pored over step-by-step at least five, six, seven times. Meetings nut out the detail and confirm we’re all on the same page, and then we put it all into practice on the training paddock.

The silver lining is that no wheels need reinventing and the babies can remain in the bathwater, and all we know that all is required is better discipline to stick to our game plan.

We’ve turned performances around in a week in the past and we’re certainly capable of doing it again.

When we stick to what we know works – as we did against the Waratahs in week one – results follow and we know it will work again.

So with the final touches awaiting us in Canberra, it’s on to the next challenge of the Brumbies.

And while a week may be a long time, Friday’s game cannot come soon enough.

Until next week,

Nathan Charles

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