The Students travelling road show ventured last Saturday to Nepean Rugby Park with a 97-0 victory over a heavily outgunned but always gallant Penrith Emus.

Only five minutes had elapsed when University fullback Tim Clements took the final pass from a backline sweep to score in the western corner. University’s young but superfast backs were focused on spreading the ball wide at every opportunity. Penrith had no counter to University’s high tempo play . The mobile pack led by Dave McDuling was shunting the Emus in the set pieces to provide a good platform for the backs.

New first graders winger Guy Porter and second rower Ratu Rotuisolia continued their good form by running the ball from every position often cutting swathes through the opposition.

The first half ended when flanker Nick Champion de Crespigny backing up inside the five metre area scored the final try for the first half. Demonstrating his 21st century version of yesteryears Bill Haley’s Rock Around the Clock which he executes weekly at inner city haunts, the Raj of Reid proceeded to hit, spin and twirl through a throng of Emus.

It was a hot afternoon and the ten minute break was a welcome respite to quench ones thirst. In the case of the scoreboard attendant it was an opportunity to ice his hands with the frentic scores he posted!

The second half was a mirror image of the first half with rapid University ball movements. Soon the scoreline had surpassed 62-0 and there was still thirty minutes left in the game.

Coaches Taylor and Horn-Smith at 69-0 saw their charges deserving a breather and a number of replacements came on. These reserves continued the all out attack with half back Daniel Calavassy and winger Eddy King bagging a number of tries. Scoreline late in the half was 90-0. To crack the ton was a thought but when replacement five eighth Stuart Dunbar scored a converted try, the match finally ended at 97-0 after time had run out.

A win such as this was handy for the Students ladder position and overall club championship. But it will be all hands on deck and repel boarders next week when University host the always dangerous and unpredictable West Harbour Pirates.