KPMG Finals Luncheon
Westin Hotel
By Bruce ‘China’ Lin

The annual pilgrimage to 1 Martin Place Sydney- the salubrious Westin Hotel took place once again last Friday. A cross section of Sydney’s professional and sporting milieu spent their Friday lunch enjoying the afternoon and helping the SUFC at the KPMG luncheon.

Master of ceremonies was club stalwart Marc Avery. The SUFC are so fortunate to have ‘Avo’ finding time to help despite his burgeoning career as Hollywood heart throb George Clooney’s stand in.

There would be no shenanigans inside the Westin’s Grand Ballroom with the prowess of SUFC’s former player the member for Warringah Tony Abbott as a guest on hand. With Mr Abbott’s prowess with knocking out a Cambridge opponent at Oxford Town Hall within 45 seconds you would have to be a brave man to complain about the chicken or beef main course!

Some nice food and beverages started the event amongst bidding for some serious nice raffle prizes. There was also the welcome regathering of the dynamic 2001 premiership side now looking a little greyer, fuller or follickly challenged.

The three member panel of Messrs Clyne, Coates and Abbott interviewed by the charming Stephanie Brantz gave the audience a snippet that the lofty world of politics, business and sport is like a bear pit.  

The afternoon was rounded off with Professor Chuck Chickoree a native Alabaman and graduate of Trump University telling an Australian audience an American’s view of rugby. His address was quite ‘different’ and could be a legacy of his education at Trump University or drinking too much of his granddaddy’s Ole Smokey moonshine whiskey.

The function must have produced positive thoughts amongst the players attending by virtue of the results the next day against Eastwood.

The SUFC are extremely grateful for the generous support of KPMG for sponsoring the luncheon.