It gives us great pleasure to announce Jack Blair and Alexander Jackman as our joint Club Captains for the 2017 Season. The pair will lead the club forward into the new season taking over from 2016 Club Captain, Jordan Sukkar. We would like to thank Jordan for his dedication over the past year and congratulate Jack and Xander on their appointment.

We talk rugby and studying with our Sydney Uni Rugby Club’s Co-Captains for 2017: Jack Blair and Xander Jackman…

So Xander, when did you first get involved with the Sydney Uni Rugby Club? 

As the son of a very proud former student, there was no doubt as to what colour stripes I’d wear after school. So in early 2014 I rolled out of bed at Drews and started having a crack with the Colts.

What has been your most memorable match or moment in which you have played for the Club? It’s hard to go past the 2nds Colts Grand Final against Randwick in 2015. They’d been our fiercest rivals during the year, and the lead changed hands many times throughout the match. So the feeling of pipping them at the post, 30-24, was about as euphoric as a Sterling Mortlock intercept against the kiwis.

What position do you play? Halfback. There wasn’t much indecision about that.

Why are you known as Jockey? You know those growth spurts that young boys usually get between the ages of 15 and 18? I’m still hanging out for it.

What player have you admired most, either at club or professional level? I think every scrumhalf born in the 90s looks up to George Gregan as one of the greats. I admired especially the way he was able both to energise and compose the Wallabies as captain, something that Richie McCaw was able to do across the ditch so successfully as well. And of course, Gregs then went on to become an established inner-city barista. True inspiration.

Do you think you can live up to the glory of the great Scribe Jackman? Dad’s claim to fame was starting as hooker in a first grade game back in the 80s. So if something absurd strikes Gaz or Davo in the near future, I’d love to duck on for a couple of tokenistic minutes and square one up with the old man. But to answer your question: no, lectures are recorded these days, and so the kind of persistence with note-taking as displayed by my father – rain, hangover or shine – is not as necessary anymore. God bless.

What are you studying at Uni? I’m halfway through an Arts/Law degree. I’m parking the law for this year as I sink my teeth into an Honours year in history, and then will most likely get back on track with the final two years of law after that.

What’s on the cards after Uni, if you haven’t already finished? If everything pans out as planned, I hope to play 130-odd tests for the Wallabies and start up my own chain of cafés in Sydney. Alternatively, I can see myself beefing up in the next year or so, starting to play inside centre, play 400-odd games for uni and eventually metamorphose into a lion. The major decision to make is about what kind of hairstyle I want to be rocking: bald, or Jim Carrey’s lid from ‘Dumb and Dumber’.

The most surprising thing to happen to me on the field was… I guess this happens to every footy player at least once, but it’s always quite a shock when you end up getting tackled by the jingle bells.

As ex-collegiate rivalries, how are you going to get along with the Pauline, Jack Blair?

I can’t see why it should be an issue. I mean, it’s understandable that three unsuccessful Rawson Rugby campaigns might have left a little chip on his shoulder, but I’d need a step ladder to be able to fully confirm or deny. If there’s any emotional baggage that’s taken its toll over the last few years then it definitely hasn’t shown, because Jawsy is the most harmless bloke there is, just ask Josh Schwager.

But seriously, he’s a great fella and he’s had my back on the footy pitch the last three seasons so I’m looking forward to a solid year ahead.

But height does not discriminate. We talk to Jack Blair, aka Beanstalk, about when first get involved with the Sydney Uni Rugby, upon moving up from Victoria at the end of 2013 for his first preseason with the Club.

What has been your most memorable match or moment in which you have played for the Club? Debuting for 1st grade last season with my family up to watch was incredible, and something I won’t soon forget.

What position do you play? Second Row.

Have you made a nickname for yourself at the club? I get a few from the boys including Blairy, Blasé, Jawsy, Rainman, Beanstalk and Stretch

So Beanstalk, what player have you admired most, either at club or professional level? I’ve always liked watching Pocock, his work rate and strength around the field is incredible and his passion for his endeavours off the field is admirable

What did you study at Sydney Uni? I’ve just finished a Bachelor of science majoring in chemistry and computer science and am about to start a master of management.

What’s on the cards after Uni, if you haven’t already finished? After University I want to pursue rugby professionally and once that is done maybe look at a career in IT/management.

The most surprising thing to happen to me on the field was… Last year playing Penrith I went through a hole on attack and had 80 meters of space in front of me, I’ve never done that much high speed running on the field before and ended up getting caught when I tried to “step” the fullback about 20m out. I managed to offload to let someone else score though. Was nice to feel like a back for few seconds!

As ex-collegians, how are you going to get on with the Drew’s Senior Student Xander Jackman? Xander and I have been on opposing sides at college for the past 3 years and unfortunately Drews did a lot more winning on the field, but I’ve never held being a Drewsman against him! Anyway, I’m a Sydney Uni rugby player first and foremost and look forward to working with Xander and his leadership experience to the benefit of the club.