Tom Robertson, our young up and coming Grade Prop was unavailable for selection this weekend to play against Penrith – but it isn’t the usual reason why he a player is ruled out! 

On Saturday, Tom will be sitting his GAMSAT (Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test). 

Currently in his last year of a Bachelor of Medical Science at Sydney University (majoring in Physiology and Pharmacology), Tom is sitting his GAMSAT in hope of gaining a mark that will allow him entry into Medical School. With marks coming back in May, the process of applying to Medical Schools will occur by June, and will also involve a interviews with the specific schools. 

“I haven’t really decided what specific area of medicine I want to go into yet, I’ve been a bit preoccupied with trying to get in, but if I eventually get in there is plenty of time – about 7 years – and experience in all the different areas to help make your decision.” said Tom. “In saying that, Cardiology, Orthopaedics and becoming a GP are already of interest.” 

We would like to wish Tom the best of luck, and look forward to having him back once all his exams are done!