Did you know:

Most of us have heard the names at Uni, Terry Ryan, Al Ryan, Paddy Ryan and Ross Ryan right?

Well son of Ross, is Nick Ryan and I have some stats on him, I think you all should be aware of.

Nick started coaching our 1st Colts back in 2002 and stayed in that position till 2009.

No big deal so far, well read on.

Nick reached the Grand Final eight years in a row for seven Premierships and Runners Up once to Eastwood 25-29 in 2006.

He coached 173 games, won 158, lost 14 and drew 1.

With the 2003, 2008 and 2009 sides they went through undefeated, while the 2007 team lost just one game. That’s one loss in 86 competition matches.

From the end of 2002 to Round 7, 2004 his teams won 30 games in a row.

But he beat that effort in 2007, Round 12 to the Grand Final in 2009 (his last game with SUFC), Nick and his teamwon 54 games in a row.

It continued in 2010 to 59, with Jack Farrar in control.

Nick went onto coaching the ‘Green Slime’ Colts at Coogee, and his success continued.

Followed by his role in Melbourne with the “Rebels”.

But like Mick Taylor from the movie “Wolf Creek” he’s back again.

As our Director of Rugby, and once again our 1st Grad and 1st Colts sides are undefeated after 7 games.

Not just a pretty face Nicholas, and I think the ‘old man’ is very proud of you.