Did you know:

That all good things must end and that applies to last Saturday with both our 1st Grade and 1st Colts losing. With our 1st Grade side, it was Coach Taylor’s 46th match at the Club and his first loss, what a fantastic record! It was also 1st Colts first loss since round 13, 2015 (54 wins in a row). Although not a record, it is an outstanding achievement for our U20s boys. For the records 60 games is the most wins in a row by Colts back in 2007 till 2011.

The looks on the 1st Grade side down in Bowral after their lose, had to be seen. You see a lot of these players haven’t had many losses in the past 3 years and not entirely use to this scenario.

After looking through my records here are some examples of this, ten members of our 1st Grade team have 260 games from 2015 till last weekend and have only lost 27 games between them.

The best success rates for some of our current players are as follows:

  • Nathaniel Tamwoy – 37 games 0 losses
  • Eddy King – 33 games 0 losses
  • Nick Champion de Crespigny – 68 games, 14 losses
  • Tim Clements – 40 games, 5 losses
  • Daniel Poletto – 38 games, 4 losses,
  • Harry Johnson-Holmes – 28 games 1 loss

This weekend will see Paddy Ryan reach his 100th Super Rugby match. He will become our 5th player to achieve this feat for SUFC. Phil Waugh has the most with 132, Dean Mumm 116, Dave Dennis 107, David Lyons 100 then Paddy. We shall should see a sixth very soon with Bernard Foley sitting on 95 games.

Two players scored a triple in 3rds and 2nds against the ‘Shoremen’, they being hooker Stewart Nutt and No.8 Mitch Whiteley. Mitch now is the leading point scorer in 2nd Grade with 6 tries and 4 goals, 38 points.

Tolu Latu scored a pair in 1st Grade and now is on 195 career points since Colts, all tries, 39 of them.

James Kane past 650 career points since Colts, with 6 goals shared between the two top sides.

Will Wennerbom should reach his century this weekend against Gordons. He is on 94 points from just 4 games and will probably join Cameron Lawrence with the quickest 100 in the lower ground records. Cameron set his record in 2012 with10 tries, 18 goals and 6 pen goals. While Will is on 9 tries, 23 goals and 1 pen goal.