Did you know:

It seems that if you play in 1st Grade when a year ends in a one, like this year, there is a strong chance of being in a Grand Final come the end of the year. You see, we have won Premierships in 1871,1881,1891,1901,1951,1961and 2001, and have been runners up in 1911,1941 and 2011. We have also won the Club Championships in 1941,1951,2001 and 2011.

Back in 2008, Bernard Foley was in fresh out of St Aloysius College and playing in Colts, scoring tries and kicking goals with no thought of Waratah and Wallaby games ahead of him. That year was Bernie’s best for Uni, 435 season points (still a record), he scored 19 tries, 125 goals and 30 pen goals. He scored the most goals in a game 22 conversions (still a record), the most season goals 155 (still a record). Most points in a game 54 (still a record). Bernard scored his 100th point in 2008 in his sixth game.

The closest to his feat was Byron Hodge in 2011 with 270 season points.

Next weekend, 1st Colts, Hamish Cressey could reach his 100 season points in Round 3. Hamish scored another 44 points with 4 tries and 12 goals to add to last week’s 45 points. So, he only needs another 11 points to achieve this outstanding achievement. That to my knowledge will be the fastest century scored at SUFC by a any player. ## Please let me know if there is a quicker 100 ##.

Matt Hood, scored two tries in 2nd Grade to take him past 450 career points last Saturday. He now has 87 tries and 6 goals.

Hamish Dunbar scored his 30th try in the same game, to reach his 150th career point. He later scored his 31st try as a replacement in 1st Grade.

Josh Hardie back for his first match this season, scored 2 tries and 5 goals for 20 points, which puts him on 442 career points at Uni.

In Colts, George Clark scored 3 tries to give him 5 in two games, still two behind Hamish Cressey on 7 in two games.