Did you know…….

That our latest Wallaby Josh Kemeny played against Eastwood last Saturday. It was his first appearance for the club since winning the Grand Final back on the 24.8 2019 verses Warringah.

That all Colts teams won on Saturday and it was the first time we have beaten Eastwood in 1st,2nd and 3rd grade since 22.7.2017. In the first round this season Colts lost all games verses the ‘Woods’.

Another stat on the last time we won all back in 2017. Our 1sts went through the season undefeated 21 wins no losses, Second grade 17 wins 4 losses and Third grade 18 wins and 3 losses. First and Second grade won their competitions and Third were Runners up. Besides winning the Club Championship that year, there record stands at Played 63 Won 56 lost 7 Drew 0.

Our Grade sides scored 104 points to Eastwood 98 and our Colts scored 100 points to 57.

Our First XV have scored 8 bonus points in the last six matches.

In Fourth Grade Harrison Johansen scored a try and kicked 5 conversions for his 15 points in their huge 45-12 victory.

Last Saturday at Chatswood Oval, who ever scores the first try in 4th grade will be the owner of that grades 50th try for the season.

Quite a few players scoring and reaching season milestones verses the ‘Woods’.in 2nd grade Sam Bignold scored a try and 2 goals to reach his 50 points.

Henry Clunies-Ross scored 2 more tries in 1st grade which gave him 302 career points or 60 tries and 1 goal at Uni, (he also kicked a goal along his journey).

In Colts we have century maker in Nacani Batidravu who got two tries to take him to 105 or 21 tries. CONGRATULATIONS Nacani, keep them coming mate.

While halfback in 1st Colts, Dan Nelson reach his 50 season points with his 10th try.

Hooker Sam Roediger scored a hat trick in 2nd grades good win. Sam also made his 50 points with those 3 tries.

And Bodhi Chand reached his 50 points for season 2023.