Did you know:

Since 1900, SUFC has played 32 clubs in competition games, a total of 2149 matches. With our loss in 1st Grade on the weekend, brought our losses in that 119 year period to 750. Complete rundown of matches is played 2149, won 1292, lost 750, drawn 68 (unknown results 39).

A BIG welcome back to a number of players over the last few weeks, who have just re-joined us, or back from a couple of months with injuries. They are Jake Gordon, Matt Philip, Chris Talakai, Stu Dunbar, Guy Porter, Henry Clunies-Ross (Round 11) and Conor O’Doherty (Round 12).

Sometimes you can lose it on the footy field and cost your team 10 minutes on the sideline. Well…Uni had a perfect record in Grade and Colts games on Saturday while our friends from Narrabeen had 7 yellow cards.

Connor O’Shea scored the Club’s 250th try in 1st Grade and in doing so, brought up his career 200 points since 2015 Colts. You may not think 200 in his 5th season is much, but Connor has had some major injuries in that period. Congratulations mate.

Will Wennerbom scored another try and 4 goals and has now past 175 points for this season and is outright top try scorer in Grade with 14 tries from just 11 games. The try he scored in 3rd Grade’s win was his 40th for the Club, now with 200 points in tries alone.

Henry Clunies-Ross could reach his 300 career points at the weekend. He is currently on 292.

Another possibility is James Kane reaching his 1,000 career points at Uni. He is on 977 and needs 23, but he is the 1st Grade goal kicker and has scored 30 or more points in the pasted few seasons in a game so it could happen this weekend at the SUFG.

Other players nearing career milestones are Lincoln Whiteley 145, Declan Moore 190, Josh Hardie 337, Harry Potter 240 

In Colts it has been a while since we lost 1st and 2nd Colts to the Rats. In fact, it was Round 6, 2014.

Silas Lawther cut loose in 3rd Colts with 3 tries and a goal, for 17 points.

Harry Wilson is the new leading point scorer in Colts, now on 117.