Did you know…

That Josh Schwager has played at SUFC since 2015 Colts and has won 4 Premierships in those six seasons. Since Josh came to grade, injury has followed him, he had played just 34 games in his first 4 years, less than 9 game average per season. And that 34 total consisted of 28 games in 4th grade six in 3rd grade.

Well this year Josh showed his true potential since his days at St Joseph’s College. He was graded in the 2nd XV and made Captain. He won the Grand Final on Saturday by 43-27 with Easts scoring 20 points in the last 16 minutes. Josh also scored a try in the GF. It also gave him the honour of scoring a try in each of three finals games he played. This year he scored 7 tries in three matches.

He played 13 games in 2020, and 2nds lost just the one match all year.

Josh has a career total of 36 tries at SUFC, so far.

Let’s hope his burning desire to play at 3 o’clock arrives next season, and his apprenticeship is finally over.

We picked up a further 2 premierships at Leichhardt Oval on the weekend, 1st grade Colts also beating Easts, who haven’t won the competition since it started in 1970 (50 years). First grade Colts also lost only the one game this year. That was the 19th Premiership our Colts 1st XV have won and six times been Runners up, since 1980. That’s 25 of the pasted 40 grand finals we have played in.

You may not of noticed but not one replacement was put on in this game. A bit unusual these days but the original 15 got the job done 27-26.

Vince Creagh scored another try which gave him his 50 points for the season, and Jude Gibbs finished the season on 162 points, the highest point scorer in the club.

Well done to all at ‘Varsity to get thru this season, lets hope we are virus free in 2021 season.

Go Uni!!!!!

Merry Christmas to everyone and stay safe,

Craig (Fizza) Fear