The finals series starts on 13th August, below is a breakdown of how it will play out. Venues will not be confirmed until the week before each match. 

1st Grade, 2nd Grade and 1st Colts (Top 8 Finals Series)

 Week 1 (QF) – 13/14 August

Match A       1st v 4th

Match B       2nd v 3rd

Match C       5th v 8th

Match D       6th v 7th

Week 2 (Semi Final) – 20/21 August

Match E       Loser A v Winner C

Match F       Loser B v Winner D

Week 3 (Preliminary Final) – 28 August 

Match G      Winner A v Winner F

Match H      Winner B v Winner E

Grand Final at Leichhardt Oval – 3 September

Match I       Winner G v Winner H

3rd & 4th Grade, 2nd Colts & 3rd Colts (Top 6 Finals Series)

Week 1 (QF) – 13/14 August

Match A       1st v 6th

Match B       2nd v 5th

Match C       3rd v 4th

Week 2 (Semi Final) – 20/21 August

Match D      Highest Ranked Winner v Highest Ranked Loser

Match E       2nd Ranked Winner v 3rd Ranked Winner

Grand Final, Coogee Oval – 27 August

Match F      Winner D v Winner E

Womens (Top 4 Finals Series)

Week 1 (SF) – 13 / 14 August
Match A         1st v 4th 
Match B         2nd v 3rd

Week 2 (GF) – 20 August 
Match C          Winner A v Winner B