In September 2018, The Fight Duchenne Foundation (FDF) will embark on their greatest adventure yet. The MAD Rally is the biggest undertaking for the FDF so far. 2200km in 7 days, through some of the best country NSW has to offer.

Duchenne muscular dystrophy is a nueromuscular disease affecting 1 in every 3500 male births (less in females). Kids with DMD will be wheelchair bound by their early teens and have a drastically reduced life expectancy.

The MAD Rally is an event that can be used to gain wider community exposure through various marketing, media and public relations strategies based around the ride. The MAD Rally is dedicated to raising awareness and funds for DMD, but we are also committed to increasing brand exposure and fulfilling the desires of our partner organisations.

You can find out more about the MAD Rally and how to be a part of a great cause here >