Another afternoon of glorious sunshine bathing SUFG were ideal conditions for University’s 40-17 victory over the Northern Suburbs shoremen last Saturday.

However first points were actually recorded by Norths when a defensive lapse saw a gap emerge down the middle allowing a trailing Norths player to score an easy try. But the aberration was soon erased as a quick reply was orchestrated by University’s dynamic winger Christian Kagiassis.

Kagiassis receiving the ball on the left wing saw a narrow channel  to exploit towards Parramatta Road. Fearing being hammered into the Glebe morgue across the road, Kagiassis cleverly toed the ball infield and behind the defence for five eighth Ben Hughes to regather and score a great converted try. Kagiassis is quickly developing into a lethal attacking player for the team. Opposition players over the weeks are clearly unsure how to read his game let alone pronounce his name!

Norths were endeavouring to run the ball but University were focused on attempting to find field position and cutting off any Norths attack. From a University scrum, Norths fell for a simple run off the scrum base allowing half back Jake Gordon to score under the posts for the Students second try.  

But uncharacteristically another Students defensive lapse before the break saw Norths score easily. At half time the score line favoured the Students 20-10.

There was abundant colour throughout the grandstand with a mother’s day marquee in full swing. Inside the function room there were stalls displaying something special to pick up for Sunday’s special day. The new grandstand is truly a superb facility for the University club and Sydney club rugby!

The second half commenced with University raising the tempo. Attacking outside the 22 metre line Hughes ran diagonally. Norths held off allowing Hughes to slice through the line outsprinting all and sundry to score. But University were in 4th gear and overdrive was about to be loaded.

The next try illustrated University’s attacking flair. Receiving a clearing kick just inside the Norths half the winger with Usain Bolt speed bottled in the body of Marvin the Martian – Matt Narracott set up Jake Gordon’s second try. Narracott stepped and changed his pace a number of times bouncing off defenders. Narracott had splintered the defence and looming off his shoulder was Gordon who took the final pass to easily outrun the defence to score under the posts for a bonus point try.

Some penalties increased the  University score but Norths showed some gumption to score an excellent try through some an excellent backing up. 33-17 reflected the score late in the second half. If last week was reserved for Kagiassis this week Narracott took bragging rights. The ball was being shuffled quickly towards the grandstand. Fullback Roberts did the lead up work creating an overlap. Narracott once again used his superior pace to scorch down field for University’s final try and score of 40-17.  

The game took the second half for the Students best play to be shown. But a victory is always welcomed at home especially by the parents of our players. Terrier like University open side breakaway Jack McCalman’s family epitomises the support country parents make. “When the tough gets going Jack get’s going more” said Jack’s father Andy. But the last words were reserved for Claudia McCalman a proud mother on the eve of mother’s day, “I am so impressed the team is coming together and lucky Jack’s learning off a captain like Tom Carter!”