What to do when there’s no rugby?
By Bruce ‘China’ Lin

The heavens opened up during the latter week and the Students showdown with the Parramatta Two Blues was unfortunately postponed. If the game was allowed to go ahead only true fanatics watching thirty players roll around on a surface akin to prison porridge would happen. Ones rugby fix would have to wait until next Tuesday 13 June under lights at the SUFG.

The clubs Community Day and recognition of former player the late Dr Chris O’Brien’s Lifehouse centre for cancer treatment was also put on hold.

Frustrating was an understatement. But despite the negatives corresponding positives occur. At this halfway juncture in the season a few extra days of rest are handy. With a spare day you could opt for many options to seize the day.

Helping the economy at a Westfield’s shopping centre is always popular- so long as you are solvent! Why not put some more effort into that assignment so that an extra years HECS debt is avoided. Clean your shared accommodation so that you do not face a visit from the Council Health and Building officer. Wallabies on the television versus the Flying Fijians- plenty out there to be productive on a cold, wet Sydney Saturday.

But being the innovators of Sydney club rugby, a new dimension was practised to recalibrate for the remainder of the season. Music was the panacea to give University that eye of the tiger!

Gonna Fly Now from Rocky or Top Gun’s Danger Zone are two inspiring songs that are capable of getting the adrenaline flowing. Or for the older members of the club they will recall the stirring theme from the hit 1960’s television series The F.B.I. making you want to catch a fleeing felon. But The Sound of Music’s Climb Every Mountain saw the toughest of University’s player’s reach the high octaves and eyes well up with emotion.

If your inclined to watch premier rugby on a Tuesday evening then head down to the SUFG to watch the Students match against Parramatta at 8.00pm. A far better way to watch a beautiful game under the stars. Skills, athleticism and drama will always be on show at the SUFG!